Discover What Feeds Them

Mickalene Thomas, Din, une très belle négresse (2012). Jiménez-Colón Collection, Ponce, PR. © Mickalene Thomas / Artist Rights Society (ARS), New York.

In honour of the 100th anniversary of women’s suffrage, the Baltimore Museum of Art has announced that it is planning a year’s worth of exhibitions dedicated to female-identifying artists throughout 2020. In addition to the previously announced Joan Mitchell retrospective, there will be a show of video art by Candice Breitz, an exhibition of beaded Native American works by 19th-century Lakota women that appropriate patriotic imagery, and a major commission by Katharina Grosse.“The goal for this effort is to rebalance the scales and to acknowledge the ways in which women’s contributions still do not receive the scholarly examination, dialogue, and public acclaim that they deserve,” said Baltimore Museum director Christopher Bedford in a statement. The “initiative serves to recognize the voices, narratives, and creative innovations of a range of extraordinarily talented women artists.”

Are you suffering from creative block? Struggling to make a difficult life decision? Find out what Picasso, Pollock, Kahlo and other great artists would have done. Simply select an artist’s card from the pack, select the oracles’ advice on life, work, or inspiration and any obstacle becomes surmountable.

As a part of the Lived Experience Narrative course that I have been running, participants chose a card from this collection and were tasked with undertaking research to gain insight into what helps feed individual artists  creativity. Their homework was to prepare a five hundred word piece to present to the group.  The result was very insightful.

You don’t need a deck of cards to undertake this process. Indeed, I have suggested, now that our course has concluded, that people randomly select an artist a week and take the time to learn more about their creative life and how they sustain the momentum to create. Perhaps you will choose from one of these 10 Famous Female Artists.

Consider the very good reasons to come and claim a space at Bancroft Manor. Maybe you will spend time in your room at Bancroft to undertake a project like this.