Anita Marie Moscoso – Founding Member of Bancroft Manor

I was on-line trying to find an address for a restaurant that I was supposed to meet my friends at for dinner and instead, I ended up at a website based in Australia.

I was intrigued, instead of an address and menu and dining hours for your standard restaurant-fare I found writing prompts and ideas for creating poems and challenges tied to advent calendars which contained even more ideas for stories or crafts and even recipes for pastries.

Without a doubt what I found at the Soul Food Café was food for the storyteller in me and in that moment as I clicked on page after page I found out how hungry I had really been and that I had been starving for years.

Anita Marie Moscoso and Heather Blakey worked collaboratively at the Soul Food Cafe, a site created and managed by Heather Blakey between 2000 – 2010. Anita Marie’s was a regular contributor and her work may be found scattered throughout the site and the numerous blogs that were associated with it. Anita Marie’s page in the Rookery, the final Advent Calendar that Heather Blakey published features her work at that time. Anita Marie is a founding member of Bancroft Manor and is currently working with Heather Blakey on Danse Macabre, a site providing macabre prompts and much of her writing.

The ‘doors’ of the Soul Food Café shut for a while and like the ghosts of my story-telling family members, I guess I haunted it from my blogs until Bancroft showed up and like any restless spirit with time on their hands I happily moved in a found a new place to haunt.

What’s changed for me over the years as I have begun to haunt Bancroft is this, I am older ( of course because I came to the Café over ten years ago ) I feel like a writer AND a storyteller and now instead of wearing labels  that were slapped on my back as I raced through life I’ve kept one because I am fond of it:

A Ghost Writer by A.M Moscoso 2019

Is this Anita Marie’s muse feeding her inner demonic imp, the one who loves to tell ghostly tales?

I haven’t always wanted to be a writer- I have always wanted to be a storyteller.

There’s a thin line that separates the two things and if you fall on one side or the other I don’t think it matters. But for me, the difference is a big one and this is the reason I chose to become a storyteller.

My family comes from the side of the world- not only from where we live now but from the places we came from too  ( The Philippines and England/Scotland ) but they have one thing in common.

They love to hear stories and if you’re lucky you are one of the people who can tell a story that everyone will listen to.

To me, that was a coveted spot in our family hierarchy. You get lots of attention and a certain amount of notoriety because to this day I can tell you who the good story-tellers in my family were.

They were colorful, they were always a little odd and when they died everyone was convinced they came back as ghosts and haunted the houses they lived in. They entertained us in life and death.

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Featured Work

Arriving at Bancroft Manor by Anita Marie Moscoso

Anita Marie’s current work can be found At The Crossroads.

While at Bancroft Manor Anita Mare and Heather Blakey are also working collaboratively, Dansing with the Macabre