A Creative Collective

The Rookery at Soul Food

Heather Blakey (alias Georgina McClure) has a long history of creating creative collectives and working with artists and writers on collaborative blogs.

When she created and managed the Soul Food Cafe she featured the work of over a hundred artists and writers in her Advent Calendars, the Artists Loft, Pizza Banquet and on pages of creative stimuli.

Residents at Bancroft Manor are eligible to have a Portfolio created for them that features their work and extends their readership.

Resident Portfolios:

Heather Blakey
Nicole Cody
Cyn Gagen
Stephanie Hansen
Yvonne Jennings
Kathryn Medcalf
Suzanne Miller
Anita Marie Moscoso
Katharina Rapp
Shelly Shinjo
Megan Warren
Elizabeth Westmark
Jane Wolfinbarger