A Creative Collective

The Rookery at Soul Food

Heather Blakey (alias Georgina McClure) has a long history of creating creative collectives and working with artists and writers on collaborative blogs.

When she created and managed the Soul Food Cafe she featured the work of over a hundred artists and writers in her Advent Calendars, the Artists Loft, Pizza Banquet and on pages of creative stimuli.

Residents at Bancroft Manor are eligible to have a Portfolio created for them that features their work and extends their readership.

Resident Portfolios:

Heather Blakey
Cyn Gagen
Imogen Crest
Crest Hermitage Art and Book Store
Nicole Cody
Stephanie Hansen
Yvonne Jennings
Carol McDonough
Kathryn Medcalf
Suzanne Miller
Anita Marie Moscoso
Katharina Rapp
Shelly Shinjo
Megan Warren
Elizabeth Westmark
Jane Wolfinbarger